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Mithras' fourth album, released in 2016 and voted as Last Rites' album of the year!

CD tracklisting:
T1 Why Do We Live
T2 When The Stars Align
T3 The Statue On The Island
T4 Part The Ways
T5 Odysseys' End
T6 Howling Of The Distant Spaces
T7 Between Scylla And Charybdis
T8 Time Never Lasts
T9 The Last Redoubt
T10 Inside The Godmind
T11 The Outer Dark
T12 On Strange Loops

As well as working versions of two tracks (which appear on the 'On Strange Loops' album released in late 2016), the EP features three live tracks from Rayner's penultimate live show with the band, recorded in London in 2008.

EP tracklisting:

T1 Time Never Lasts
T2 Inside The Godmind
T3 Tomb Of Kings (live)
T4 Wrath Of God (live)
T5 Beyond The Eyes Of Man (live)

MIthras' bludgeoning 3rd opus, released in 2007

CD tracklisting:

T1 The Journey And The Forsaken
T2 To Fall From The Heavens
T3 Under The Three Spheres
T4 Into Black Holes Of Oblivion
T5 When The Light Fades Away
T6 Behind The Shadows
T7 Awaken Man And Stone
T8 The Twisted Tower
T9 To Where The Sun Never Leaves
T10 The Beacon Beckons
T11 Thrown Upon The Waves
T12 Into The Unknown

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